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Frasers Commercial Trust

The proposed merger of Frasers Commercial Trust (FCOT) and Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust (FLT) is good news for me. I have some shares of FCOT which I bought earlier this year at a cost of $1.365 per share. Following the merger, I would get $0.151 for each FCOT share and also 1.233 FLT shares for each FCOT share I have. 

If I only look at the $0.151 cash per share that I would receive, I would make a 11% return from this merger. If I subsequently also sell off the FLT shares that I would have after the merger, and managed to sell them off at $1.24 (which is the issue price and also the market closing price today for FLT), I would make a 23% return.

The dividends to be paid out is expected to increase after the merger, and from my calculation, it would translate into a dividend yield of about 9% based on my own cost. As such, I would keep the shares for dividends instead of selling them.

I'm glad that I bought some FCOT shares earlier this year! Shall continue to save and invest for a better tomorrow!


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CPF interest received in 2018

When I checked my CPF accounts today, I'm glad that I received a total of $7,445.60 interest from my Ordinary, Special and Medisave accounts. 
My Ordinary Account (OA) balance is currently sufficient to cover nine months of my apartment's mortgage instalments. In the event that there is disruption to my monthly cash flow, this would be a source of emergency funding to help me with my mortgage payments. This gives me a little peace of mind.

The new Full Retirement Sum (FRS) is $176,000. After having received the CPF interest earned in 2018, my Special Account (SA) balance is now slightly above the new FRS. Seeing this pool of money grows makes me feel less anxious about my post-retirement financial needs. 

As the interest earned from my Medisave Account (MA) is credited to my OA (because my MA has reached the Basic Healthcare Sum [BHS]), there is no injection into my MA and it is currently at $54,500. The new BHS is set at $57,200.Hope my MA reaches the new BHS soon through my job…

Reached CPF FRS

Recently, I transferred monies from my CPF Ordinary Account (OA) into the Special Account (SA), and also made cash top-ups into the SA. Today, my CPF SA has reached the Full Retirement Sum (FRS) of $171,000. My Medisave Account (MA) has reached the Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) of $54,500 some time back. Even if I stop working and contributing to these accounts, the monies will continue to grow over time from the interests that CPF is paying me.
To me, reaching the FRS means that my retirement living expenses would now be taken care of. The MA monies would also cover my medical expenses during retirement. Knowing this gives me peace of mind.
One of the reasons why I decided to top-up my SA to the FRS is because I might quit my current job and try another career path. Topping up my SA to the FRS at least assured myself that should my career switch turned out bad, my retirement needs is still secured.
I'm glad that I have created my own safety net.

What I saw at the ATM

Went to the ATM early in the morning to withdraw some cash before heading off to work, and this is what I saw.

I wondered why would someone do such a thing, especially when there are rubbish bins nearby. 
Perhaps there is a lack of civic-mindedness within our society.

Dividends received in 2018

The only equity investment I have are some Starhub shares that I purchased a few years back. For the year 2018, I received a total of $528 in dividends from these shares. This averages out to be $44 per month, which helps to cover my monthly mobile phone bill.

For this year, I aim to invest more and hope to build up a stream of income that can help to cover other monthly expenses. Looking forward to the days ahead!

Batam for 3D2N

I bought a travel deal from Fave and went to Batam for a 3D2N trip. The travel deal included the ferry tickets, resort stay, steamboat dinner, and a 45 minutes massage. I stayed at the Turi Beach Resort and it looked nice right from the entrance, with bamboos along the driveway to the lobby.

Had an iced ginger tea as a welcome drink and then went to the restaurant for lunch. I ordered a Nasi Goreng Kampung and it was a tasty meal.
Shortly after lunch, the room was ready and my friend and I went to our room to put down our belongings. The room was bright, clean and comfortable. The toilet was spacious too!  

Went to explore the resort and the whole place was quite beautiful! There were lots of places within the resort where you could pose for nice photos. When we were there, a group of Koreans with a hired photographer was doing photoshoot too.

The steamboat dinner was great and filling as well! As we could only choose one soup base, we ordered chicken soup as I could not take spicy stuf…