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Frasers Commercial Trust

The proposed merger of Frasers Commercial Trust (FCOT) and Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust (FLT) is good news for me. I have some shares of FCOT which I bought earlier this year at a cost of $1.365 per share. Following the merger, I would get $0.151 for each FCOT share and also 1.233 FLT shares for each FCOT share I have. 

If I only look at the $0.151 cash per share that I would receive, I would make a 11% return from this merger. If I subsequently also sell off the FLT shares that I would have after the merger, and managed to sell them off at $1.24 (which is the issue price and also the market closing price today for FLT), I would make a 23% return.

The dividends to be paid out is expected to increase after the merger, and from my calculation, it would translate into a dividend yield of about 9% based on my own cost. As such, I would keep the shares for dividends instead of selling them.

I'm glad that I bought some FCOT shares earlier this year! Shall continue to save and invest for a better tomorrow!


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CPF interest received in 2019

When I checked my CPF accounts today, I'm glad that I received a total of  $10,699.62 interest from my Ordinary, Special and Medisave accounts. 
My Ordinary Account (OA) balance is currently at $36,624.85, which is sufficient to cover one year and nine months of my apartment's mortgage instalments. In the event that there is disruption to my monthly cash flow, this would be a source of emergency funding to help me with my mortgage payments. This gives me a little peace of mind.

The new Full Retirement Sum (FRS) is $181,000. After having received the CPF interest earned in 2019, my Special Account (SA) balance is currently at $191,533.53. Seeing this pool of money grows makes me feel less anxious about my post-retirement financial needs. 

As the interest earned from my Medisave Account (MA) is credited to my OA (because my MA has reached the Basic Healthcare Sum [BHS]), there is no injection into my MA and it is currently at $57,200. The new BHS is set at $60,000.Hope …

Dividends received in 2019

For the year 2019, I received a total of $1,650.85 in dividends from some shares that I have (Frasers Commercial Trust, Singtel, and Starhub). This averages out to be $137.57 per month, which is quite little but at least can help to cover a tiny part of my monthly expenditure. My total investment cost is $39,140.76 and the dividend yield works out to be 4.2%.

For this year, I aim to invest more and hope to build up a stream of income that can help to cover a larger portion of my monthly expenses. Looking forward to the days ahead!

Sites I visit daily

To build up my knowledge on personal finance and money management, I visit the following sites daily to read one article from each site. I find Mr. Tako Escapes' article easy to read, and it's always inspiring to see how he managed to retire early and still have a family!
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I also visit the following YouTube channels each day and watch one video from each channel. The videos from these channels inspire me everyday and keep me focused on striving towards my goals, and also provide me knowledge on businesses and tips for navigating the professional world.
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Hope the above resources would also be of value-add to your life!

My personal finance roadmap

I did the roadmap below to chart out some actions that I plan to do in my journey towards a better future. This map would help me to stay on track, especially since this journey would be a long one. To a certain extent, this exercise helped me to think through what exactly I want in life, and also helped me to better appreciate how far I have progressed -- and that I should continue to work on it and move forward.

Hope the above would inspire someone out there to also go through a small exercise to map out his/her own journey, and in the process, found new motivation and energy to work towards his/her goals!

Frasers Hospitality Trust

I was scanning through the various REITs and got interested in Frasers Hospitality Trust (FHT), and decided to read up more about it. After looking through FHT's financial statements announcement and presentation slides dated 23 Jan 2020, I managed to gain some knowledge about FHT and I understand them within the following framework that I have in mind.
Risk - Is the REIT over-leveraged? Would it face issues when interest rates increase? With these questions in mind, I looked at the following indicators which I think would help me understand the situation better.
Gearing: FHT's gearing was at 35.5%, and this is below the leverage limit of 45% imposed on REITs by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).Cost of loan: According to FHT, their effective cost of borrowing was 2.4%.Current Ratio: Based on the data from SGX, the Current Ratio for FHT is 1.53. From FHT's presentation slides, their interest cover was 5.7 times. Value - Is it worthwhile to buy this REIT? Is there pote…