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I just came back from a 2D1N trip to Bintan, Indonesia. It was a great getaway from the stress of a crowded city life and work!

I reached Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at around 6.30am, got my boarding pass for the ferry, cleared the immigration customs, and sailed off at around 8.10am. Clearing the customs at Bintan was done in less than 15 minutes and The Canopi Bintan staff was at the arrival hall to receive guests and usher us to the shuttle bus. The journey from the ferry terminal to The Canopi Bintan was less than 10 minutes, and the following awaited us!

I checked-in at the lobby but had to wait for the tent to be ready. I decided to do some activities in the meantime, and the resort ferried me to The Treasure Bay's Activities Centre using one of their buggies (less than 5 minutes' drive away along the lagoon). I signed up for a 60 minutes kayaking tour of the mangroves, and it was then a 5 minutes buggy ride to the jetty where a guide prepared a kayak for me, taught me how to kayak and told me what to watch out for. It was a fun activity but tiring. We kayaked into the mangroves and also managed to see a snake sleeping on one of the branches! The guide told me that I was lucky to see a snake.

After the kayaking, it was a 5 minutes buggy ride back to the resort's lobby. As I was tired, I took a leisurely stroll along the beautiful lagoon and just rested on one of the beach chairs. It then started to rain heavily and I spent the next two hours at the resort's restaurant The Patio. The restaurant do offer a-la-carte food but I opted for the lunch buffet as it just costs $20-ish per person, the selection was great, and I had nothing else better to do but to eat. My favourites at the buffet were the chicken satay, BBQ honey chicken, and grilled local fish.

At around 2.30pm, my tent was ready and a buggy ferried me to my tent. It was beautiful!

The interior was really nice (except for a stain on the floor), and I really liked the semi-open bathroom!

After settling in, I changed and headed off to the lagoon for a short swim. Thereafter, I had a quick shower back at the tent and then went to the resort lobby to wait for a car to bring me to the place for massage (which I booked earlier when I checked-in at the lobby). It was less than 5 minutes' car ride to the D'Bintan Salon Day Spa. The place was very clean and comfortable, and I had a good 60 minutes massage at around $40. A car then ferried me back to the resort.

I had dinner buffet at The Patio. The dessert selection was great but the selection for mains was not really impressive. Some of the mains were small chilli crabs, small slipper lobsters, grilled beef, grilled lamb and salmon. If you are not too hungry, I would suggest that you skip the dinner buffet and order a-la-carte.

Post-dinner, I walked along the lagoon and was pleasantly surprised that one could see quite a number of stars in the night sky! I then went back to the tent to shower and had an early night's rest. The tent and bed was really comfortable! However, I had to put up with sounds made by a really loud lizard before I drifted off into dreamland.

The next day, the buffet breakfast was complimentary and the selection was really impressive! There were salad, fruits, waffles, pancakes, beef bacon, porridge, nasi lemak, noodles, and many more! I had a very good breakfast, checked out at 10am and the resort's shuttle bus ferried guests to the ferry terminal at 10.30am to catch the 11.30am ferry out of Bintan.

It was a relaxing trip and I enjoyed myself! The Canopi Bintan's tent was really nice, food was good, and the staff were very friendly and helpful! I managed to save some money by booking this accommodation and ferry ride through a promotion on Fave. If you are staying at The Canopi Bintan, do enquire with the check-in staff on signing up to become a member (it's free to sign up) so that you can get discount for your dining expenses at The Patio.

Hope the above information is useful for you!


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