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Tracking my expenditure

Since my university days, I have been tracking my expenditure by writing down my expenses on a daily basis into a notebook. At the end of each month, I will tabulate my monthly expenditure, to see whether I have spent beyond my monthly allowance from my parent. If I burst my budget for the month, I will consciously cut back on my spending in the next month.

This has become a habit till today. I find this practice helpful in making sure that I do not spend beyond my budget set for each month. With this habit, I also do not spend away my bonuses when such lump sum payout flows into my savings account -- as there is no reason for me to spend more that month since I have been living within my budget for the past months. 

As part of my effort to reduce expenditure, I have been eating only at hawker centres, unless it was a gathering with friends or special occasion. As such, my expenditure on food has been reduced. I also terminated my integrated shield plan for medical expenditure (as I think MediShield Life is sufficient to meet my needs), and recently received the refund from the insurance company.

I shall continue to find ways to reduce my expenditure!


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Reduce expenditure

With an intention to lower my expenditure, I decided to go through my expenses in detail and to see which areas can be calibrated downwards.
Food. Due to my working hours and lifestyle, I eat out everyday for all my meals. From now onwards, I will eat at hawker centres or coffeeshops as the default. Going to restaurants or cafes should only be for gatherings with friends and special occasions. With this approach, I believe my food expenses will be lowered.
Mobile phone. My current mobile phone plan costs $30 per month. I will start to do some research and if possible, to transit to a plan that is cheaper.
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