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I have a gratitude journal

There was a point in time when I was experiencing a prolong period of stress and unhappiness. I was unable to sleep properly, easily irritated, and I lost weight. The situation was so severe that I only managed to have three hours of sleep on some nights, and I had to drink six cups of coffee the next day in order to stay awake through the work day. I knew something was not right, and I researched online to find a way to help get myself out of the vicious cycle.

Firstly, I stopped taking coffee totally. It was challenging during the first week, but once the body gradually got used to the new normal, I don't need coffee to stay awake anymore. I also started to go to sleep at a fixed timing every night, which helped in my effort to not rely on coffee to stay awake. 

I also came across a solution that appeared relatively easy to do and would help relieve stress, and I gave it a try.

I found an unused notebook in my cupboard and it became my gratitude journal. Everyday, I write into my journal about one thing that I am thankful for. It does not have to be something special or major. Some of my entries were as simple as being happy that I got myself a bowl of hot fish soup noodles for dinner after a long day of work. Some entries documented simple but heart-warming messages from my friends who shared with me what made them happy that day or recently, and how I truly felt happy for them too.

Sometimes, there would be days whereby I would feel down, be it due to external incidents that occurred or just simply flash back of some unpleasant past events. On those days, I would read the past entries of my journal and I would gradually feel better. And I would be able to recall something to be happy about for that particular day, even if it had not been a nice day.

I will continue to write my gratitude journal. Doing so makes me happier, which comes naturally when I recall something that I am thankful for and writing it down on paper. Doing so is also helping my future self, should one day in the future I have to read those past entries to help me see beyond the dark clouds.


  1. Thank you. You have inspired me. I will start a gratitude journal by today.

    1. Hi, thank you so much for your kind words! If you find the gratitude journal helpful, please do share this idea with someone you know who may benefit as well! Wish you the best, and a wonderful journey ahead!

  2. Hi

    I think a gratitude journal will help to ensure we live each day thinking about what's important to us.

    1. Hi, thank you very much for sharing your perspective! I never thought of it the way you described, but I agree with you and I will keep what you said in mind. Thank you!


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