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My first GrabHitch drive

In an attempt to reduce my expenses, I signed up with GrabHitch and done my first hitch drive today.

I picked up a passenger at a place that was near to where I had a late afternoon work meeting, and dropped off the passenger nearby my home. I was compensated $9 -- not a lot of money, but it was better than nothing. It was a pleasant experience; I had a nice chat with the passenger and got to learn about an industry that I was not familiar with. I hope the passenger also learnt something new through our conversation, and did not find me too talkative.

The process to sign up to be a GrabHitch driver was very easy and could be done entirely using Grab's phone App. The processing was fast as my application was approved the very next working day and I could start picking up passengers.

As this is a carpooling initiative, there is no need for my car to have commercial insurance coverage. However, I can only do two hitch trips a day.

Shall continue to try this out and see how much I can red…
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It's a beautiful day for exercise

When the sun came out, I went for my weekly run.
Got myself some fresh air. I enjoyed the sunlight and warmth.
Exercise perks me up; makes me feel energised and alert.
Keep my body well and healthy, and my mind can then be clear and nourished as well.

Tracking my expenditure

Since my university days, I have been tracking my expenditure by writing down my expenses on a daily basis into a notebook. At the end of each month, I will tabulate my monthly expenditure, to see whether I have spent beyond my monthly allowance from my parent. If I burst my budget for the month, I will consciously cut back on my spending in the next month.
This has become a habit till today. I find this practice helpful in making sure that I do not spend beyond my budget set for each month. With this habit, I also do not spend away my bonuses when such lump sum payout flows into my savings account -- as there is no reason for me to spend more that month since I have been living within my budget for the past months. 
As part of my effort to reduce expenditure, I have been eating only at hawker centres, unless it was a gathering with friends or special occasion. As such, my expenditure on food has been reduced. I also terminated my integrated shield plan for medical expenditure (as I thi…

Staying afloat in a sea of emails

For my job, I'm doing an administrative role and I receive at least 100 emails a day. Over the years, I have found a way of dealing with work emails that helps me to be less stressed, saves time, and be more productive.
At the start of the work day, I will first glance through all my emails. When reading through the emails, I will do a mental assessment based on two aspects: (i) is this important; and (ii) is this urgent. This helps me to focus when I next go through the emails again to decide what to do.
For emails that are important and urgent, I will focus on them first and give the sender a reply to acknowledge that the issue will be looked into. If it is something that I can delegate to my subordinates, I will send to them and explain how to approach the problem, and then give them a deadline. If the work is something that I have to personally handle, I will work on it immediately.   
For emails that are important but not urgent (e.g. a task sent from the supervisor but there is…




Having read The Minimalists and watched their TED talk on YouTube, I went on an exercise to clear out all my cupboards and to only put back what I need for my daily living. The rest, I either put them up for sale on Carousell or threw them away. For things that I'm unable to sell them away in a month's time, I would donate them away.
I don't like to buy things, and I'm quite surprised at how much stuff I actually had after combing through all my belongings. It took me the entire afternoon to re-organise my stuff -- all these years of unconscious acts of keeping things into my cupboards ended up wasting a few hours of my life trying to sort them out.
Some of my cupboards are empty now. The rest and my desk are much more organised and clean now. With less things, it feels less stressful as there is less to grab my attention or to occupy space in my mind.
From now onwards, I shall be more conscious about what I buy and what I keep.
I'm glad that I embarked on this exercis…

WSQ Follow Food & Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures

I intend to start a food business in order to create an alternative source of income. Firstly, I have to complete and pass the WSQ Follow Food & Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures course.
One can search for course providers on MySkillsFuture. For me, I signed up for the course conducted at ITE Central, which is located in Ang Mo Kio. Details of the course can be found on ITE's website, under 'Part-Time Courses'. Singaporeans can use their SkillsFuture credit to pay for the course.
I attended the class today, and it was a full-day course which started at 9.30am and ended at 5.00pm. There were 20 participants, and most looked younger than me. The lesson was informative and made more interesting by the trainer's sharing on his experience and real examples he encountered.
After the lesson, there was a Multiple Choice Questions test, a practical test, and a verbal test. I'm glad that I completed the course and passed the tests, and this opened a path f…