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Frasers Hospitality Trust

I was scanning through the various REITs and got interested in Frasers Hospitality Trust (FHT), and decided to read up more about it. After looking through FHT's financial statements announcement and presentation slides dated 23 Jan 2020, I managed to gain some knowledge about FHT and I understand them within the following framework that I have in mind.
Risk - Is the REIT over-leveraged? Would it face issues when interest rates increase? With these questions in mind, I looked at the following indicators which I think would help me understand the situation better.
Gearing: FHT's gearing was at 35.5%, and this is below the leverage limit of 45% imposed on REITs by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).Cost of loan: According to FHT, their effective cost of borrowing was 2.4%.Current Ratio: Based on the data from SGX, the Current Ratio for FHT is 1.53. From FHT's presentation slides, their interest cover was 5.7 times. Value - Is it worthwhile to buy this REIT? Is there pote…
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Dividends received in 2019

For the year 2019, I received a total of $1,650.85 in dividends from some shares that I have (Frasers Commercial Trust, Singtel, and Starhub). This averages out to be $137.57 per month, which is quite little but at least can help to cover a tiny part of my monthly expenditure. My total investment cost is $39,140.76 and the dividend yield works out to be 4.2%.

For this year, I aim to invest more and hope to build up a stream of income that can help to cover a larger portion of my monthly expenses. Looking forward to the days ahead!

CPF interest received in 2019

When I checked my CPF accounts today, I'm glad that I received a total of  $10,699.62 interest from my Ordinary, Special and Medisave accounts. 
My Ordinary Account (OA) balance is currently at $36,624.85, which is sufficient to cover one year and nine months of my apartment's mortgage instalments. In the event that there is disruption to my monthly cash flow, this would be a source of emergency funding to help me with my mortgage payments. This gives me a little peace of mind.

The new Full Retirement Sum (FRS) is $181,000. After having received the CPF interest earned in 2019, my Special Account (SA) balance is currently at $191,533.53. Seeing this pool of money grows makes me feel less anxious about my post-retirement financial needs. 

As the interest earned from my Medisave Account (MA) is credited to my OA (because my MA has reached the Basic Healthcare Sum [BHS]), there is no injection into my MA and it is currently at $57,200. The new BHS is set at $60,000.Hope …

Sapporo / Otaru

After a great time in Furano, we travelled to Otaru and checked-in to The Green. This used to be Smile Hotel which we stayed at last year, but it seemed like a new hotel chain has taken over this hotel and changed it. The room and toilet was still very small, but we decided to stay here in order to save on accommodation cost (it would have been more expensive if we stay in Sapporo). 
We then made our way to Sankaku Market to eat king crab. As it was just the two of us eating, the fishmonger selected the smallest one for us which was already 2.2kg. It was 19,000 Yen (SGD 230+) after the fishmonger gave some discount and rounded down to the nearest thousand. This price was inclusive of the cooking and eating at the Takeda restaurant just opposite the fishmonger's stall. We requested for it to be boiled but three of its legs to be BBQ-ed so that we could try how it would taste. The crab was boiled at the fishmonger's stall as we saw him brought in the cooked and hot crab via the e…


From Asahikawa, we took a train to Furano. At the Furano Station, we waited for the Lavender Bus at Bus Stop 4, and then boarded the bus which ferried us to the New Furano Prince Hotel.

The hotel was beautiful and surrounded with snow. The room was also very spacious, and was the most comfortable stay for this trip.

Had lunch at the hotel's level 12 Japanese restaurant. The food was ok but pricey.

After lunch, we walked to the Ningle Terrace area which was right outside the hotel. It was snowing and the whole place was really beautiful! For some reason, there was only a handful of people around and this was great for us and we could take lots of nice photos here!

We then walked to the famous Mori no Tokei cafe. We had a great corner table from which we could see the snow and trees outside the cafe. The coffee was smooth and nice, and the grape juice was nice too. The cake was great too, and went well with coffee and the juice. Would definitely recommend people to visit this cafe and …


This December, I went to Hokkaido again. Took Scoot's direct flight from Singapore to the New Chitose Airport. This time, I did not buy the JR Hokkaido Pass as after doing some calculation based on my itinerary, it would be cheaper for me to buy single-trip train tickets when I'm there in Hokkaido. 
My friend and I stayed at Asahikawa for the first part of our trip. First, we took a train from the New Chitose Airport to Sapporo Station. However, the train arrived slightly later than usual at the Sapporo Station, and we missed our connecting train to Asahikawa. Luckily, the control room staff gave us new tickets (with no charge) for the next train. I guessed they knew that the train from the airport arrived late and we tourists also could not find our way to the correct platform in time. Eventually, we took the next train and arrived at snowy Asahikawa.
We stayed at Court Hotel Asahikawa, which was just a five minutes' walk from the train station. This was the cheapest accomm…