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Moon Ski Helmet

I bought this Moon ski helmet on 5 May 2019 via Lazada at about $40 and received it on 18 May 2019. This is earlier than the delivery date promised by the seller, which is great!

These are views of the back and top of the helmet:

The liner inside the helmet can be removed and washed:

I'm pleasantly surprised that it came with a simple bag to carry the helmet in:

I'm happy with this purchase and looking forward to my trip to Hokkaido in December!
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GoExplore Ski Helmet

My friend and I are going to make a second trip to Hokkaido in December this year to do skiing again! This time round we decided to buy our own ski helmet and this is what my friend purchased online via Lazada:

My friend bought the helmet on 6 May 2019 and it was received on 15 May 2019, earlier than what the seller promised. This helmet cost about $63, and this is cheaper than what we could find at Decathlon. Taking reference from our skiing experience last year at Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri, renting a helmet at the resort would cost about $30 for a day. As such, buying this GoExplore helmet is not a bad idea.
I bought a ski helmet too, and eagerly waiting for it to arrive!


I just came back from a 2D1N trip to Bintan, Indonesia. It was a great getaway from the stress of a crowded city life and work!
I reached Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at around 6.30am, got my boarding pass for the ferry, cleared the immigration customs, and sailed off at around 8.10am. Clearing the customs at Bintan was done in less than 15 minutes and The Canopi Bintan staff was at the arrival hall to receive guests and usher us to the shuttle bus. The journey from the ferry terminal to The Canopi Bintan was less than 10 minutes, and the following awaited us!

I checked-in at the lobby but had to wait for the tent to be ready. I decided to do some activities in the meantime, and the resort ferried me to The Treasure Bay's Activities Centre using one of their buggies (less than 5 minutes' drive away along the lagoon). I signed up for a 60 minutes kayaking tour of the mangroves, and it was then a 5 minutes buggy ride to the jetty where a guide prepared a kayak for me, taught me how…

Be environmentally friendly

Saw the following two posters at ITE College Central, which prompted me to start consciously reduce my usage of plastic straws, plastic bags, and plastic take-away containers. Hope to play a part in making this world a better one.



I suddenly thought of my trip to Scotland a few years ago, and the first time I tried whisky. The local tour that I was on brought us to the Dalwhinnie Distillery where I tried a small glass of Scotch Whisky. I didn't know how to appreciate the whisky back then, but I recall that the other tourists remarked that the whisky that we sampled was really good. For some strange reason, I decided to research more about whisky today, and some of the information I found is as follows.
What is Whisky? Whisky is a class of alcoholic beverages made using water, barley and yeast. The production process consists of malting (whereby the barley germinates and then dried, becoming malt), mashing (malt is mixed with water to extract the sugar), fermentation (yeast is added at this stage), distillation (to obtain the alcohol), and maturation (distilled alcohol is put into oak casks). If you would like to understand more of the process, you may wish to visit this website: Whisky for Everyone.
Where is …

For someone special

Taxi Driver's Vocational Licence

I decided to obtain a Taxi Driver's Vocational Licence (TDVL) so as to gain an additional avenue to earn income. I guess I could drive a taxi in between job changes in the future, or after retirement, drive to pass the time and earn some income as well. With this licence, I can be a Private Hire Car Driver too.
There is information on the Land Transport Authority's (LTA's) website about how to apply for a TDVL. I followed the instructions and made an application online. I then had to wait for LTA's letter, which I need to bring along for my medical check-up. I did my medical check-up at SATA, and then went back two days later to collect the medical report.
Thereafter, I went to ComfortDelGro Taxi to sign up for the TDVL course. Part of the course fees can be paid for using my SkillsFuture credits. I signed up for the full-day course, which was on a Saturday and Sunday, from morning to late afternoon. They offered part-time courses that take place in the evenings, but I f…

Dividends received in 2018

The only equity investment I have are some Starhub shares that I purchased a few years back. For the year 2018, I received a total of $528 in dividends from these shares. This averages out to be $44 per month, which helps to cover my monthly mobile phone bill.

For this year, I aim to invest more and hope to build up a stream of income that can help to cover other monthly expenses. Looking forward to the days ahead!

CPF interest received in 2018

When I checked my CPF accounts today, I'm glad that I received a total of $7,445.60 interest from my Ordinary, Special and Medisave accounts. 
My Ordinary Account (OA) balance is currently sufficient to cover nine months of my apartment's mortgage instalments. In the event that there is disruption to my monthly cash flow, this would be a source of emergency funding to help me with my mortgage payments. This gives me a little peace of mind.

The new Full Retirement Sum (FRS) is $176,000. After having received the CPF interest earned in 2018, my Special Account (SA) balance is now slightly above the new FRS. Seeing this pool of money grows makes me feel less anxious about my post-retirement financial needs. 

As the interest earned from my Medisave Account (MA) is credited to my OA (because my MA has reached the Basic Healthcare Sum [BHS]), there is no injection into my MA and it is currently at $54,500. The new BHS is set at $57,200.Hope my MA reaches the new BHS soon through my job…