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Kuantan - Day 2

The breakfast spread at the resort's restaurant included bread, porridge, nasi lemak, beef bacon, chicken sausage, baked beans, salad, cut fruits and freshly squeezed green apple and orange juice. You can order omelette or eggs done to your preference and it will be served to you.
After a hearty breakfast, I drove for about 1 hour and reached Sungai Lembing at around 10.30am. The place was fairly crowded as there are a few attractions in this area. It was difficult to find parking space, and I ended up parking in front of the Sungai Lembing Museum. I asked the security guard on how to walk to the start of the hiking trail that leads up to Bukit Panorama. The security guard kindly gave me the directions and I set off to find the hiking trail.
Based on the directions given by the security guard, I found the market/hawker centre easily, as I passed by it when driving into this area. After walking through the "pasar malam" area beside the market, I saw the signboard that point…
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Kuantan - Day 1

During the long weekend last week, I drove to Malaysia for a 3D2N holiday. Although I reached Tuas Checkpoint at close to 6am, there was already quite a lot of cars, and it took me 1.5hrs to clear the immigration checkpoints and start the drive to Kuantan.
I reached Yong Peng at around 9am as the traffic was smooth. Had duck noodles for breakfast at this place, which is a stall in a small hawker centre that is situated within a residential area. As there was quite a number of customers, I had to wait about 15 minutes for my food. The duck meat had a nice flavour, and the noodles were smooth and filling enough for me.

After breakfast, I drove on to Kuantan and reached The Kasturi at around 2.30pm. This resort has its own private beach, swimming pool, gym, a restaurant, a bar, and sheltered parking lots. What I appreciated was its good security, and the overall sense of safety that the staff and the place gave me. This is a relatively small resort with not many guests, and one would feel …


I stayed in Nagoya for a total of 3 days. If you are going to Nagoya for a holiday as well, you should visit the famous Nagoya Castle. I spent about 2.5 hours here, taking photos and looking through the exhibits.

Another place that I would highly recommend is the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. This museum showcases the journey of the company from textile-making to producing cars and high-tech products. The museum's staff would also be doing live demonstrations with the various machinery, so that visitors can better understand how the machine works and the brilliance behind them. As I'm not from an engineering background, I find this visit very educational. The exhibits also narrate the journey of the company and the struggles, which is inspiring not just from a business-building perspective but also provide guiding beacons for life in general too. I would say both children and adults would find a visit to this museum fun and rewarding!

If you are visitin…

Shinano-Omachi . Matsumoto . Nagoya

For today, we are making our way back to Nagoya. Before that, we had a filling breakfast at the Nanakuraso hostel. The breakfast was beyond our expectation, but I still prefer the breakfast I had when I was staying at The Takayama Station Hostel.

We took the train to Matsumoto, deposited our bulky luggage at the train station's lockers, and then set off to see the Matsumoto Castle! It's beautiful and the interior is very well maintained. There are exhibits within the castle, and you could climb the interior stairs all the way to the top. 

We went to Miyota Matsumoto to try their famous soba. We had to queue for about 10 minutes before there were available seats for us. The restaurant was full but perhaps due to the design of the space, it was a comfortable place and one would not feel that the restaurant was too crowded. The food was very nice and I would recommend this place!

We also went to Abe Coffee to get some coffee as we felt sleepy. The cafe is beautifully designed with a…