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Our last destination for this trip was Sapporo. We stayed two nights here at Waga Yado Hare, which was about $38 per person per night. This hostel was about 10 minutes' walk from Sapporo Station, which took some effort to reach as it was snowing and the road and pavement were slippery.

The first floor of the hostel had a small living room area, one toilet, one wash basin, two bathrooms, and one washing machine and one dryer. I had to pay 500 Yen for detergent and use of the washing machine and dryer. The dryer was not working well and we had to do multiple cycles in order to get our clothes dry. The second floor was the sleeping quarters and it was quite cramped, and there was no heating as well. There were two toilets and one wash basin at this floor. Overall, this place didn't have sufficient space and shared facilities, and I don't quite like this place and would not recommend people to stay here.   

Although our accommodation was disappointing, we managed to have a good …
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The train ride from Hakodate to Noboribetsu was very long and I was asleep for most of the journey. In Noboribetsu, we stayed at AKA & AO Guest House, which was just one minute's walk from the train station. The stay was about $45 per person per night. The first floor was the reception area which doubled up as a cafe. There was a kitchen for guests to use as well. The second floor was the sleeping quarters and toilets. I really liked the clean toilets and shower units, as well as the spacious bunk beds which were close to a super-single bed size. The only downside was the inadequate heating in the sleeping quarters and it felt quite cold at night when sleeping.
At the train station, we purchased bus tickets to go to the Noboribetsu-Onsen Terminal. The bus stop to board the Donan Bus was on the right side after we exited the train station.

The Donan Bus ferried us to the Noboribetsu-Onsen Terminal, where we alighted and walked up the main street to look for lunch. Do remember to …


After Niseko, we travelled to Hakodate and it was snowing heavily there too! There was simple and beautiful Christmas illumination right outside the Hakodate Station. Over here, we stayed at Smile Hotel Hakodate. It's less than 5 minutes' walk from the train station, and the room was about $37 per person per night for a twin-sharing room. This room was bigger than the one we had in Otaru, and the bathroom was more spacious too.

We were looking for a place to have dinner, and after randomly walking around our hotel, we came to Daimon Yokocho which was an area with many small eateries. We had dinner at one of the shops - Crab House - where we had really nice crab fried rice and seafood hotpot. Do come to this area to look for food if you are in Hakodate!

The next day, we went to the Hakodate Morning Market to look around and to find breakfast. Other than seafood, there were also stalls selling fruits, vegetables and other food items.

It was snowing and very cold, but we still walke…