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Frasers Commercial Trust

The proposed merger of Frasers Commercial Trust (FCOT) and Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust (FLT) is good news for me. I have some shares of FCOT which I bought earlier this year at a cost of $1.365 per share. Following the merger, I would get $0.151 for each FCOT share and also 1.233 FLT shares for each FCOT share I have. 
If I only look at the $0.151 cash per share that I would receive, I would make a 11% return from this merger. If I subsequently also sell off the FLT shares that I would have after the merger, and managed to sell them off at $1.24 (which is the issue price and also the market closing price today for FLT), I would make a 23% return.
The dividends to be paid out is expected to increase after the merger, and from my calculation, it would translate into a dividend yield of about 9% based on my own cost. As such, I would keep the shares for dividends instead of selling them.
I'm glad that I bought some FCOT shares earlier this year! Shall continue to save and i…
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Batam for 3D2N

I bought a travel deal from Fave and went to Batam for a 3D2N trip. The travel deal included the ferry tickets, resort stay, steamboat dinner, and a 45 minutes massage. I stayed at the Turi Beach Resort and it looked nice right from the entrance, with bamboos along the driveway to the lobby.

Had an iced ginger tea as a welcome drink and then went to the restaurant for lunch. I ordered a Nasi Goreng Kampung and it was a tasty meal.
Shortly after lunch, the room was ready and my friend and I went to our room to put down our belongings. The room was bright, clean and comfortable. The toilet was spacious too!  

Went to explore the resort and the whole place was quite beautiful! There were lots of places within the resort where you could pose for nice photos. When we were there, a group of Koreans with a hired photographer was doing photoshoot too.

The steamboat dinner was great and filling as well! As we could only choose one soup base, we ordered chicken soup as I could not take spicy stuf…

Melaka for 2D1N

On one of the weekends, I drove to Melaka using my Mazda 2 for a short holiday. After clearing the Tuas Checkpoint and Malaysia's Customs, I went to Yong Peng to have breakfast at Kim Kee Fishball Restaurant. The restaurant had renovated and was more clean and spacious compared to the previous time when I was there. Thereafter, proceeded to The Pines Melaka where I stayed for one night. The hotel was relatively new and the room was very spacious, clean and nice!

This was the view from the room (with rain drops on the window):

There was a saltwater swimming pool as well!

Walked along the river beside the hotel and eventually reached the Jonker Street area. Had a filling lunch at Malacca Jonker Street Chicken Rice Ball:

Then went to Qian Lao Ice Cafe for durian cendol and ice honey drink:

The rest of the afternoon was spent randomly walking around the area. It was quite crowded with lots of tourists but I managed to get the following shots with little or no people in it:

What I saw at the ATM

Went to the ATM early in the morning to withdraw some cash before heading off to work, and this is what I saw.

I wondered why would someone do such a thing, especially when there are rubbish bins nearby. 
Perhaps there is a lack of civic-mindedness within our society.

Notes on buying a car

I jotted down some notes based on my experience, and hope the following would be of some use for someone who is planning to buy a car.
Purpose. For a start, I think one has to be clear about what is the purpose and intended uses of the car. Someone who has to ferry elderly parents to medical appointments would need to look for a car that is easy for elderly to board and alight, and be able to fit in a wheelchair for example. This step is important, as it would keep us on track as we travel along our car-buying journey, and not end up buying something that don't serve our needs and/or a car that is more expensive than we initially budgeted for.
Research. Find out what car would possibly serve your needs via sgCarMart where there is a wealth of information on new and used cars, prices, specifications, as well as reviews and comments. When I was looking around for a car, I shortlisted three models and called up the dealers to enquire on the price, including whether there was any p…


生活 拥挤的城市  无数陌生影子 那年夏天的你怎么总是没遇见 就只能依靠思念 划向就连时间也毙息了的每一天
回忆 小学同学联谊会时明白校园已不在了  有些感情也不一样 岛国发展创新是规律  永恒是奢侈的遐想 脑海里我仅拥有的已被时光的河流冲淡 模糊了一张一张支离破碎的片段
心情 感激曾经拥有的  体会过的  遇见过的人 那些过去的点点滴滴我们邂逅时再回味 带着打开宝藏盒的期待 与你开始明天和我们的未来

Mazda 2 Hatchback

About six months ago, I bought this car as my previous car was breaking down more and more frequently.

It was a Saturday morning when I called different car dealers to enquire on prices for a few models. In the afternoon I went to the showroom to take a look at a Mazda 2 hatchback as this seemed to be something within my budget and the dealer had ready stock. After the test drive, I think the car would meet my needs and I negotiated for some discount and a few free gifts. I then paid the $10,700 deposit and signed some documents to confirm that I'm buying and they will be bidding for the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) on my behalf.
The very next week was the COE bidding, and the car dealer successfully bidded one for me. I took a loan for 70% of the car price and settled the remainder that is above the $10,700 that I earlier paid as deposit. I then collected the car the following week, on a Wednesday if my memory didn't fail me. I'm happy with my purchase, and ple…

Moon Ski Helmet

I bought this Moon ski helmet on 5 May 2019 via Lazada at about $40 and received it on 18 May 2019. This is earlier than the delivery date promised by the seller, which is great!

These are views of the back and top of the helmet:

The liner inside the helmet can be removed and washed:

I'm pleasantly surprised that it came with a simple bag to carry the helmet in:

I'm happy with this purchase and looking forward to my trip to Hokkaido in December!