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Looking for a new job

For the past weeks, I have been looking around for a new job and have went for some interviews. When shortlisting potential jobs to apply for, I compared them against the following areas:
Nature of the work: What is the work about (e.g. operations, finance, administration), and how this job would allow me to learn new things and add on to my range of capabilities? 
Scope of the position: Would this job give me the opportunity to take on more responsibilities and further my management capabilities? Would this job allow me to build up a wider network or help me achieve my next landing point in the career trajectory? 
Work environment: Is the work environment and culture a right fit for me? What is my personality and intrinsic preferences, and would this work environment and dynamics stress me out?
Positive aspects: What are the short-term benefits, advantages and gains for me if I managed to get the job? What are the possible long-term benefits?
Negative aspects: What are the short-term cost…
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Rebel Talent

I like to read, and I just finished reading Rebel Talent by Francesca Gino. The book is filled with real life examples, case studies, and stories about how and why those who did things differently created value and became successful. 
The book also argue that it is better for the organisation if employees are allowed space and autonomy to do things, so that new ideas and products could emerge ground-up. If the work environment is conducive for people to contribute their perspectives, collectively, better products or decisions could be made. As a manager or supervisor, the key is to allow constructive discussion and make it feel safe for everyone to speak up even if their suggestions are different.  
The book ends off with eight principles of rebel leadership, which might provide someone who is working in management or supervisory position some guidance on potential ways to improve team performance.
I find this book an interesting and thought provoking read. There are ideas that I agree w…

Reached CPF FRS

Recently, I transferred monies from my CPF Ordinary Account (OA) into the Special Account (SA), and also made cash top-ups into the SA. Today, my CPF SA has reached the Full Retirement Sum (FRS) of $171,000. My Medisave Account (MA) has reached the Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) of $54,500 some time back. Even if I stop working and contributing to these accounts, the monies will continue to grow over time from the interests that CPF is paying me.
To me, reaching the FRS means that my retirement living expenses would now be taken care of. The MA monies would also cover my medical expenses during retirement. Knowing this gives me peace of mind.
One of the reasons why I decided to top-up my SA to the FRS is because I might quit my current job and try another career path. Topping up my SA to the FRS at least assured myself that should my career switch turned out bad, my retirement needs is still secured.
I'm glad that I have created my own safety net.

Paid online surveys

I tried to earn some extra income from doing online surveys for the past one month. I created accounts at MOBROG and Triaba in order to receive surveys, and I thought this would be a flexible way to generate some income.
Thus far, I managed to earn USD1.69 from doing MOBROG's surveys and SGD3.36 from doing Triaba's surveys. Survey alerts will be sent to your email, and you can simply click on the survey links to start filling them out. As I check my email at the end of the day, usually the survey would have already closed.
I have since closed my accounts, as I feel that the reward is not quite worth the time spent on filling up the surveys.

Benefits from GrabHitch driving

I did a total of eight GrabHitch drives this month, and received $60 in total  for my effort (after less off the 10% fee collected by Grab). I shall continue to do GrabHitch driving, and should try to do more drives next month.
An intangible benefit from doing GrabHitch driving is that I get to chat with people from various walks of life. Thus far, I have learnt about the work of a Human Resource manager and what companies look for in potential employees, what is marketing and communications, the challenges of teaching swimming full-time, and a yoga class near my workplace. These chats in itself were interesting, and especially useful at this juncture where I'm pondering over what I should pursue in the future.
I did have encounters with passengers who were not keen to talk after I attempted to initiate a conversation. Perhaps they were tired from a full day of work or they had things to think about during the car journey. For such instances, I just do my driving, think about my own…

$2 Lunch - Rice Garden

While this photo may not show my lunch as something that was very appealing, the food was simple and good enough for me. At $2, it came with a hearty portion of rice, egg, vegetables, and meat.
The stall name and address is as follows, and I shall eat from this stall more often!
Rice Garden #01-07 Blk 112 Jalan Bukit Merah

Helping out

When I was a student, I did a number of volunteer work, ranging from befriending residents staying in nursing homes to accompanying children with special needs on field trips. I also led an expedition to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to repaint an orphanage, teach, and raised funds to build a house for a needy family.
During my first year in a full-time job, I was still participating in some volunteer work. Unfortunately, work commitments increasingly took over more and more of my time, and I stopped volunteering since the second year into my working life.
Recently, as I begin to re-examine my life, I decided to start volunteering again. I'm not sure why or what I would achieve through this, but I know that I need to start doing something differently -- perhaps to break out from my routine. 
I found a volunteer assignment that is near my home, through It requires a commitment of 1.5 hours per week and this would be a manageable start for me. The volunteer work involves helping …

My first GrabHitch drive

In an attempt to reduce my expenses, I signed up with GrabHitch and done my first hitch drive today.

I picked up a passenger at a place that was near to where I had a late afternoon work meeting, and dropped off the passenger nearby my home. I was compensated $9 -- not a lot of money, but it was better than nothing. It was a pleasant experience; I had a nice chat with the passenger and got to learn about an industry that I was not familiar with. I hope the passenger also learnt something new through our conversation, and did not find me too talkative.

The process to sign up to be a GrabHitch driver was very easy and could be done entirely using Grab's phone App. The processing was fast as my application was approved the very next working day and I could start picking up passengers.

As this is a carpooling initiative, there is no need for my car to have commercial insurance coverage. However, I can only do two hitch trips a day.

Shall continue to try this out and see how much I can red…

It's a beautiful day for exercise

When the sun came out, I went for my weekly run.
Got myself some fresh air. I enjoyed the sunlight and warmth.
Exercise perks me up; makes me feel energised and alert.
Keep my body well and healthy, and my mind can then be clear and nourished as well.

Tracking my expenditure

Since my university days, I have been tracking my expenditure by writing down my expenses on a daily basis into a notebook. At the end of each month, I will tabulate my monthly expenditure, to see whether I have spent beyond my monthly allowance from my parent. If I burst my budget for the month, I will consciously cut back on my spending in the next month.
This has become a habit till today. I find this practice helpful in making sure that I do not spend beyond my budget set for each month. With this habit, I also do not spend away my bonuses when such lump sum payout flows into my savings account -- as there is no reason for me to spend more that month since I have been living within my budget for the past months. 
As part of my effort to reduce expenditure, I have been eating only at hawker centres, unless it was a gathering with friends or special occasion. As such, my expenditure on food has been reduced. I also terminated my integrated shield plan for medical expenditure (as I thi…